Improving lives through human data


What We Do

Real time

We capture real-time metrics from the human body and surrounds to allow diagnosis and action plans that improve human performance, wellbeing, health and safety.

Anywhere, anytime

Our platform provides the ecosystem that delivers a range of live data feeds from within, on and outside of the body of an individual. Sending live data to remote support, coaching or medical teams via desktop, tablet, or a smartphone in real time, anywhere with internet access or mobile access.

Unique technolgy

There is no other technology that can remotely determine, in real time, the physiological and biochemical factors that impact on our health, well-being and performance. Our technology can withstand extreme environments and provide instant feedback.

Our focus

Healthcare & Wellness

Allowing timely prevention, testing, intervention and care.

Performance & Training

Using real time data to enhance athlete performance.

Audience & Media

Improving the experience of spectators
through live broadcast.

Latest projects

A black and white photo of the Eiffel Tower

The Road to Paris 2024

We are part of a consortium whose objective is to develop technological solutions to help ensure the health and safety of Olympians at the Paris 2024 Olympics and specifically to guard against heat stroke.

Building on the success of our trials at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics we are working with Paris 2024 partner Orange Innovations (France), and BodyCAP (France) so that we will be able in real-time to monitor, identify and intervene if the health of athletes, spectators and employees is at risk.

A black and white photo of the Eiffel Tower

ADIZERO: Road to Records 2022

The ADIZERO: Road to Records 2022 held at the adidas HQ in Herzogenaurach, Germany was the first major sporting event trialing our ecosystem in real-time in front of event organisers, elite athlete managers, and coaches.

Road to Records includes many of the world’s greatest and most experienced distance runners, including Olympians and World Champions, a number of whom wore our technology and were fascinated to see their results after the race.

We successfully gathered physiological and biomechanical metrics from athletes in all 6 races; the men’s and women’s 5k, 10k and half marathon. The anonymised data will eventually be published in a scientific paper.

Brighton Marathon

The Brighton Marathon was a testbed for the latest version of our dashboard and for our ability to incorporate a range of sensors on a large number of users in a race day situation. We worked with the race organisers and the Brighton Marathon medical team to recruit a diverse range of competitors to run with our technology.

The runners swallowed a sensor in a pill devised by NASA for astronauts so we could monitor core body temperature in real time during the marathon.

On Running

On Running was looking for a scientific method to validate the build quality and effectiveness of its high-performance shoes under competitive circumstances.

We created a bespoke ecosystem including an analytical dashboard that monitored the kinematic and kinetic performance of their shoes so that they could further develop their product line.

Tokyo 2020 Olympics

The IOC was concerned about the health and safety of athletes taking part in the marathon and the long-distance race walk in the heat and humidity of the summer in Japan.

We trialed our innovative ecosystem working with a dedicated research group to monitor the core temperature of a select number of Olympians taking part. The aim of this project was to come up with solutions to preempt potential medical emergencies and to respond to emergencies in the fastest time possible.